Saturday, 31 December 2011


The story of Chinelo according to Vanguard:

Chinelo went to write her UME in Ihiala ,Anambra state and stayed over in her Mother's cousin's house.She slept on the same bed and in the same room with her second cousin Onyeka and the next morning,she woke up  feeling very dizzy and ''wet with semen'' when she went to the bathroom.She cleaned it up and asked Onyeka about it and he assured her that everything was good.A month later when she was at her sister's house in Lagos,she started feeling ill and was taken to the hospital were a pregnancy test was carried out and she tested POSITIVE (the positive sounded weird in my head like hiv and when questioned by her sister she denied having any boyfriend and a virginity test was done with the aid of a machine.

Onyeka whom she called after finding out she was pregnant,told her medications to take to terminate the pregnancy and finally confessed to the act.Chinelo who got admission to Delta state university Abraka to study mass communication has suspended her education and is now living in Tamar rescue foundation in lagos till she delivers her baby then the baby would be adopted by the NGO.

Questions: -Vanguard what machine was used for virginity testing? checking if hymen is intact you use machine?
                 -how did she know she was wet with semen? was semen written there on her va jay jay,then if
                  she knew it was semen why did she not report it?
                 -now that she is a ''pregnant virgin'' shouldnt the best thing be to have sex already so she knows  
                  what it feels like before she experiences labor pain.


p.s   Onyeka's soldiers(sperm) are powerful oh!!! he did not even burst the hymen yet those evil soldiers did some serious swimming all the way up from the entrance of the vajayjay till the strongest of them found that egg and penetrated it.Na wa for powerful sperm...So ladies beware of men like Onyeka with powerful ''odeshi'' sperm because any form of dry humping or semen around your vajayjay would get you pregnant...


Anonymous said...

Your own sins are written all over this post!All your dry humping n sex-less sex!U dey fear that u will soon come across ur own onyeka?!!!Lol!!!These things happen oh Dee.So repent,Jesus is coming soon!!!Lol!!!!!

Daughter of Her King said...

loool.... too funny post...

crazylifemeetsdee said...

thank you,thank you