Thursday, 15 December 2011


I used to always wonder why any one would just take their life,what force could push a young intelligent person to end his life? As I got older I started to understand,life is generally hard and can only get harder,if you are Christian,you would hold on to the ''if I kill myself I would go to HELL FIRE'' theory,that could give some sort of comfort and prevent you from killing yourself.

We always know when someone is about to commit suicide,they always give us tiny hints,but are we so caught up with the unnecessary things in life that we forget our sense of empathy.Are we so preoccupied with ourselves,obsessed with how we look,who likes us,who hates us,who gossips about us,that we do not notice how frustrated and sad our friend really is?
Why do we always want to be heard,always want to be the one talking about ourselves and never really want to listen to that sad friend,just maybe he has something to say.When would we learn to listen?When would we notice our friend has stopped smiling through his eyes,when would we notice that  the laughter we heard from our friend does not  truly come from the heart,when would we notice that nothing brings joy to our friend? When would we notice the rapid weight gain and instead of getting to know what is going on emotionally,we laugh or insult them that they eat too much....When would we notice that our friend is not a flirt,she just wants to feel loved and appreciated by someone,anyone? When would we notice that his new found love for darker clothes truly reflect how he feels inside?

I want to be a friend that would listen,would care,would notice,would not judge,be there for you,I want to be a different friend,not the one obsessed about my life and achieving my dreams but the one that wants my friend to  be truly happy.Take a moment today and appreciate your friend,listen to him today,hug him,ask what is going on in his life,because tomorrow he might be dead. Dedicated to all those who lost a dear friend because they were too busy to notice...

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