Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Sorry I have been missing in action for a while now, I know you all depend on me for joy,happiness and whatever you use my post for *rolling my eyeballs.yes!!! I do have fans*.I have been so busy with meetings,political appointments,making money,flying around in private jets,you know basically being a rich spoilt brat.Okay,enough of the lies,its lent and I should not be lying.The truth is, I did not have internet for a while,the new apartment I moved into did not have free internet for a while,I have been out of touch with news and everything viral.I was so frustrated, I even went knocking to beg for internet like 3 days ago,after the knock,the door opened and all I could see was boobs boobs boobs and more boobies,
this pretty sudanese lady,I think she is a breast feeding mom so you can imagine,the boobs were standing proud and mighty underneath her dress *no homo btw* well, after small talk about being her neighbour and wanting to say hi to her I decided to ask about internet casually,she told me she was tapping from purplegirl and believing it was a wasted journey save the nice pair of boobies,I left, but tonight,God decided to show me mercy (thank God for all the prayers I have been praying since this lent started) heavenly breeze sent free internet my way and whoever you are ''purplegirl'',God bless you for the free and to think my old rugged noisy laptop can browse with the internet while mama Geez MAC can not.We thank God that finally, a cheaper laptop turned out to be the better one(guess who has the last laugh now Mama Gee).So, people, next time pick the cheaper laptop and you would be browsing like me instead of sulking and swelling up like Mama Gee till you

I met this Igbo dude that wants to marry Mama Gee who has an ''R'' factor.What I have heard him say so far: Why are you using this LED(red) and white curtain?; MALIE(mary) that name good o, I just came back from EULOPE(europe); nothing dey ITARIE(italy);what is happening to the LICE?(rice); AMELICA(america) is VELY(very) good; people in NIGELIA(Nigeria) TINK(stink); you are LILLY(really) SUFFELING(suffering). Well, a whole lot more,I am sure you get the drift,I do not want to use up my whole time typing about Mama Gee'z man with his pot belly and Igbotic accent.He has the worst Igbotic accent ever and to think he insults Nigerians.Sometimes,I really do wonder how Mama Gee attracts this kind of people into her life.

My new ECUADOR FRIEND,yes I typed ECUADOR,its a dot on the map,some where in South America,you have probably heard the name being mentioned in connection to banana and cocaine,his favourite clue to the name of his country is "its on the equator".The first time I met him,I did not think we would hit it off,plus I was surrounded by strangers all talking to each other and I felt so alone,scared and I just wanted to leave the conference room.When I could not get any more lonely in that room surrounded with people, this pleasant young man sits beside me and we get talking,that was the beginning of our friendship,he helped me out the whole day and sharing so much information with me.In this 21st century, its very rare to meet someone like him,a very friendly and willing to help individual and the best part of the day was when I got stranded because Okwi,(whom I had given gas money to) that was to come pick me up and take me back home abandoned me,I was 45mins-1 hour away from home and my Ecuador friend who I call Alien took me home,no charge,no strings attached.Like seriously,are people this nice? maybe people from Ecuador and this is just saying thank you Alien you are a life saver!!!

P.S Toinlicious posted a comment on one of my posts about loving me,Definitely one of my sweetest blogging moments ever.I screamed for a while when I saw it till I got tired,I am beginning to have I wish...
I bought raw squid today,I have only eaten it in chinese restaurants.I wonder how I am going to prepare this raw squid and thank God I did not end up buying the frog legs.Well I would let you all know how the squid cooking goes till then XOXO


Anonymous said...

Wait a you accuse my people of stealing when YOU are the one going around stealing other people's wireless internet? LOL But as long as you are able to get online to write on your blog and watch your Korean movies. And there is nothing wrong with that Sudanese woman..boobies, boobies, boobies! The human body is a beautiful thing!!

That alien sounds like a very cool guy! So sophisticated, mature, friendly, kind, awesome..ect lol. But on the real, thank you very much! You are the sweetest. I don't know why you were so shy're a very funny and nice person. But nonetheless I'm glad we became friends. Hopefully you can burst out of this lil "shy" bubble and show people the true wonderful Dee that you are. Stay blessed, my 9ja friend!!!

P.S. LOL @ your description of Ecuador. You are too wild lol

crazylifemeetsdee said...

OH please Alien quit flattering yourself!!!

Toinlicious said...

Hmn, i honestly love the 1st part of ur post cos that's wat i wana do when i grow up so i guess politician it is *sideeye*

Boobies? ok now. watch and learn. Mama Gee's life must be veLy intelesting tho. I'm seliously jearous hehehe

froglegs and raw squid? #shudders. I try nt to taste anything raw and as for you, ur adorable with several truck-loads of energy. *hugs*

So Alien right *innocentface* Someone likes someone....

crazylifemeetsdee said...

lol at Toinlicious as politician,u want to be like Ibori? I did not say I ate raw squid,I only got it to cook at home.