Friday, 21 June 2013


It is 5:35am, rain pouring down on earth heavily. It felt like even God almighty above did not agree with my loss, he understood how I felt and the heavy down pour was his way of showing his disapproval with earth. The week had certainly been one of the worse weeks ever and keira's disappearance just had to top it up. I guess when trouble comes, it does that in multiple waves at once(Dr E.A.Y) RIP...
     I laid on the couch, my mind on her, wondering if she was alive, probably cold, lost, hungry and alone would she be able to cope especially with her serious case of hydrophobia...
      Keira is my baby, to others she was just a dog, a common dog, but not to me. I adopted her october 8th, 2008 for my birthday but we did not get to take her home till the 10th. She turned out not as expected, the day she was chosen, while her puplings (dog siblings) came to meet me all playful, she slept on like she did not have a care in the world, yet I chose her. That unknown force made me do it.