Thursday, 9 February 2012


So today,I had the opportunity to take free chocolates,you know those ones with gold shiny wrap,shaped like a coin.Well,I was to take a few but greed took the better part of me and I took alot after which,I started feeling guilty and I started watching my back,looking over my shoulder,I could not help thinking some one was going to dial 911 and I was going to get arrested and go to prison then get a criminal record and my career would be ruined and no one would want me,not even my family, then I would probably have a nervous break down which would speed up the maturation of the part of my brain that is crazy then I would develop acute onset psychosis which would not be treated, then it would develop into schizophreniform disorder then schizophrenia then be killed or die from extreme cold because no one would want to help me and my bright future would come to an end without marriage,kids,grand kids(you know the whole package).

Well, I was that paranoid,so scared,suspicious of everyone and everything my heart pounding so loud and I felt everyone was staring at me and judging me and not until I got home,pocket filled with gold chocolate coins did I feel safe but before then I could swear the elderly dude with parkinson's disease looking at me was shouting ole! ole!! I quickly stepped into the apartment,closed the door so hard my ears did a little jiggle and then I felt it forming...oh yes!! the smile,pure,sweet smile,the fulfilled smile knowing they had nothing on me,no evidence,nothing!!! I touched my pocket and they were there hard and ready for me,just me.The smile grew wider.I know I have wide lips, but I did not know I could smile like a clown,red lips would have completed the look because my face was already white from the fear of loosing my world because of awoof chocolates,all the blood from my face had found their way to my brain and legs just incase I needed to run.

I kicked off my shoes,sat on the ground,took out the first coin from my pocket,smiled,took my time to inspect the coin,then I read out the words on the coin,''UNITED STATES OF AMERICA QUARTER DOLLAR'' I smiled again,took out the gold wrap and placed the coin shaped chocolate on my tongue,closed my mouth and allowed it melt,slowly and it felt good!!! I do not know for sure if its the chocolate or the rush from my mini adventure of feeling like an ole(thief) that felt good but I did feel invisible for that moment.

So that is the story of how I felt I stole gold,I do have moments like this,I think my imagination isnt so straight but oh well.I got to do Rambo moves today...xoxo


Princess Nicki said...

easy with the stealing oh, thats how anini started. lmao.

crazylifemeetsdee said...

It was not stealing na!!! I was offered,I just took more than I was suppose to,you know how it is like that ''our friend'' lol

Toinlicious said...

Hahahahahaha. Someone has been watching too much of CSI/Criminal minds lol. You are totally paranoid jor. 911 and all of that drama/ranting for "taking" chocolates?? haba

crazylifemeetsdee said...

lol omou know nothing good comes easy and the chocolate was good and it was coming free and i just had to be paranoid my