Saturday, 17 August 2013


For a while now, I have been hiding from myself, not wanting to be found. The months rolled by with me watching, too lazy to care enough to pick Dee up from the shackles of self pity that held her in serious captivity. I had even diagnosed and re-diagnosed myself with medical conditions to aid the laziness. I had gone from Adjustment disorder when the feeling became too prolonged to Post traumatic stress disorder and Bipolar disorder with just the depressive episode and recently, I was only too happy to diagnose myself with Premature mid life crisis. I told Eljay my diagnosis and she went, "oh please. You just don't want to boil rice that's why you are coming up with this excuse. Abeg go jor". I also started thinking possible Schizophrenia and started waiting on the delusions and hallucinations to begin. Plus no!!! It had absolutely nothing to do with a particular episode of criminal minds I saw.