Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Sorry I have been missing in action for a while now, I know you all depend on me for joy,happiness and whatever you use my post for *rolling my eyeballs.yes!!! I do have fans*.I have been so busy with meetings,political appointments,making money,flying around in private jets,you know basically being a rich spoilt brat.Okay,enough of the lies,its lent and I should not be lying.The truth is, I did not have internet for a while,the new apartment I moved into did not have free internet for a while,I have been out of touch with news and everything viral.I was so frustrated, I even went knocking to beg for internet like 3 days ago,after the knock,the door opened and all I could see was boobs boobs boobs and more boobies,

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Finally, I am going to post something on Whitney's death.I guess it took me so long because I was going through a denial phase,waiting on the horrible dream to be over but I guess I am still dreaming so I might as well type.Whitney was most girls Idol,well she was mine.She did not have to dress like a whore to be loved,that is talent!!! She was a diva,my diva.I sang her songs using tooth brush or pair of scissors as microphone in the bathroom in front of a mirror(ok that's a lie,we did not have mirror in the bathroom when growing up).I tortured my family with my horrible squeaky voice trying to be like Whitney.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


So today,I had the opportunity to take free chocolates,you know those ones with gold shiny wrap,shaped like a coin.Well,I was to take a few but greed took the better part of me and I took alot after which,I started feeling guilty and I started watching my back,looking over my shoulder,I could not help thinking some one was going to dial 911 and I was going to get arrested and go to prison then get a criminal record and my career would be ruined and no one would want me,not even my family, then I would probably have a nervous break down which would speed up the maturation of the part of my brain that is crazy then I would develop acute onset psychosis which would not be treated, then it would develop into schizophreniform disorder then schizophrenia then be killed or die from extreme cold because no one would want to help me and my bright future would come to an end without marriage,kids,grand kids(you know the whole package).

Thursday, 2 February 2012


You know how you pray for something  so bad and get envious of the people who have in their possession your heart's desire, then you question God wanting to know why you can not have that particular thing.Well,I do get that way, but it does not have to do with nice,good,lovable things NO WAY!!! then I would not be Dee any more.I always want the silly things,the weird things,generally,the things people never want.

When I was in high school,I wanted to have that pulmonary disease, Asthma so so bad,especially because of the annoying boy Chijioke (well he was annoying back then).