Thursday, 16 February 2012


Finally, I am going to post something on Whitney's death.I guess it took me so long because I was going through a denial phase,waiting on the horrible dream to be over but I guess I am still dreaming so I might as well type.Whitney was most girls Idol,well she was mine.She did not have to dress like a whore to be loved,that is talent!!! She was a diva,my diva.I sang her songs using tooth brush or pair of scissors as microphone in the bathroom in front of a mirror(ok that's a lie,we did not have mirror in the bathroom when growing up).I tortured my family with my horrible squeaky voice trying to be like Whitney.

Then there was that movie, the BODYGUARD!!!!! I saw that movie a zillion times,I knew almost all the lines in that movie.I even practiced to sing like her,you know how she vibrates her mouth when she sings,I started doing that,thinking I would sound more like her, also screaming instead of singing.Back in my younger days,when there weren't Ipods,I bought all her cds(well the pirated copy thanks to Aba boys,I guess).I would be rocking her song on my discman then,her songs would almost make me fall in love with every Tom,Dick and Harry so I experience all the love thing she was talking about.

The most painful thing is that, she was suppose to sing on my wedding day. She, Michael Jackson, and Shina Peters.That was my childhood dream.I remember my siblings laughing at me that I could not pay MJ to be at my wedding and I was like I could because I would be very wealthy and I would be able to afford their fees.As I have gotten older now,I know better,still trying to be wealthy though.But,that was my childhood dream and now 2 of them are dead,just Sir Shina Peters left.I better hurry up and get married soonest.LOL

Whitney,you would always be loved and you would forever remain in my heart,may your soul Rest in the bossom of the Lord and may God grant your family the fortitude to bear the loss.I am so glad I was born in the times of MJ,Whitney,Nelson Mandela. I feel so sad that my kids would only get to hear about you Whitney,I hope they share in the joy you brought to my life and with the kind of artists we have these days,I can only but pray for the kind of influence my kids would have.


Toinlicious said...

lmao. Have i told you i love you? i do#nohomo. Whitney, Michael Jackson, and Shina Peters? hehehe. You are steadily climbing up my crazy list but i feel you jere. I was listening to Ayuba's Bonsue (yea, Sisi olosan gbe wa o, omoge olosan gbe wa o. Wonders of the internet lol) and my friend threatened to delete me till i got over my razz-phase. I had to tell her i had Consolidation by Kwam 1 and Barrister on my phone as well. Still trying to get Salawa Abeni's "gentle Lady *widegrin*

Seriously, tho, i don't know what is wrong with the world. Is talent dead? cos i haven't seen or heard any1 who can do a Whitney or Mariah. These ladies are d ish. I guess we're more into crazy/gaga/beiber-fever now (i just don't feel Justin tho)

I always thought Whitney was gona grow old and grey and live forever after *sadface*

crazylifemeetsdee said...

awww someone loves me...*blush*