Thursday, 22 December 2011


Dr Sahely checked my blog and thought it was interesting.Well he did not actually say those magic words but why would he tell people to go see my blog? He was like, ''Have you seen her blog? You should go see it" *sniff sniff* Think about it,this Doc has so much knowledge,when he opens his mouth to talk,words of wisdom just fly out,sometimes I even have to distract myself from thinking how dull I am by looking at his LONG eye lashes(why should a man have such loooong well defined eyelashes....its NOT fair especially when mine is so scattered and tightly coiled like it needs relaxer).I know Princess is dying from Jealousy right now *sticking out tongue* she had been dying to hug Dr Sahely and today she finally got the opportunity,she almost squeezed out all HIS juice *wink*

 So he calls me Dee Dee now, awwww *blush*.I know this might be silly but to me it means a lot for people to appreciate the things I put up.The other day Christy saw me and was like ''I love your blog'', I almost thought I was Linda Ikeji,see me feeling like celebrity(well I would get there by fire by, I am taking this time out to give a shout out to all my dedicated blog readers and fans(I wish) who have been supportive since I started 2 weeks ago: Tee,Eljay,Yosi,Lee,Tola,Seun,Princess,Diva,Esther,Tammy,Nat,(I doubt Gini reads it,she is the least supportive),and Dr Sahely for checking out my blog for the first time. Thank you all for your comments and words of encouragement,it means alot to me... xoxo

To other readers too who I do not know, this is why you should comment and become a just kidding but seriously comment and follow!!!


Emeh Achanga said...

hello,thanks for your comment..onmy blog..just added you now...nice blog.we have the same template..xoxo

crazylifemeetsdee said...

thanks...*toothy smile*

T.Notes said...

hmmmmm.....busybodying around....1st time here i thinks!
Nice blog btw!

crazylifemeetsdee said...

@ T.notes awww thank you...I dont know you, so lemmme paint a picture of what I am doing right now:I am literally pulling my hair,jumping and screaming like a lil girl