Tuesday, 20 December 2011


What is this need to be better than your neighbour in health,wealth, and academic achievements? Where does this desire come from? Are we born this way? Do we seek to be better for our selfish needs or are we driven by unseeable forces using us as instruments of pleasure? Why do we find justifiable reasons to discriminate due to skin colour,religion,sexual orientation or country of origin? Is there an endocrine gland undiscovered in our body that gets bigger with age, releasing a hormone to make us discriminate or are we plain SCARED of the power we could achieve if we unite?
Lets use the health care professionals as an example,surgeons look down on other medical doctors,doctors look down on nurses,lab technicians,radiographers,but can doctors survive without the nurses and the other health care professionals? Yes you might answer, but think about it,would it not be strenous and would doctors achieve better results without these assistants? its a definite no-no The more stressed we are,the lesser our brain is able to function and process thoughts.Stress can kill cells in our hippocampus the area of the brain that deals with memory and learning!!! Who wants a doctor that can not remember his patients or treats a diabetes patient with hypertensive medications?

 If only we could take a minute to ponder,we would realize that our differences make us unique in such a way that if we work together,we would functon as ONE.Only when we accept our differences and love ourselves would we understand how powerful we can be together,we could achieve immense knowledge and power for the betterment of this planet.One love to my brothers and sisters on this planet earth and let your limbic system(emotional brain) function....

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