Monday, 26 December 2011


December 25th 2011 has come to an end with different tales for different people.Children with new clothes have rocked it and eaten Christmas rice and Chicken.those lucky kids whose parents could afford to buy them gifts have opened them all up and thanked 'santa' for their wonderful gifts. People that cant cook like Diva have called me this morning to beg for food.People spent their day with loved ones and family.But,for Nigeria,it was awful,35 people so far have been reported dead in Madalla, Niger state.Sad stories of how after the bomb blast at the Catholic church people who had been affected, although severely injured were struggling to meet the Catholic Priest for final blessings knowing they were going to die *pause to wipe tears*
Also,Two motor vehicles out of the Eight that were burnt in the church compound had occupants in them,One of the vehicles had a father and his 4 children,his wife could not make it to church because she was sick,the other vehicle had the whole family in it and NONE survived.There were also bombings in Damaturu and Jos.This is BAD. Before I could confidently say ''Nigerians cannot commit suicide, we love our lives too much, but now I can't'' What do these Boko Haram people want? The country can't and would not be Islamized.

While we Nigerians are crying that Mothers,Wives,Husbands and Children have been killed, OUR Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,the Number ONE citizen of Nigeria, his only way of reassurance is to say,“The issue of bombing is one of the burdens we must live with. It will not last forever; I believe that it will surely be over,’’  SHAME ON YOU MR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Why must we live with the burden of bombing every day,Are people still going to go to church December 31st for the usual Night Vigil after the occurence of this bomb blast? Why are people not being sacked over incompetence, so competent security officials can be put in place.Instead of campaigning for the STUPID Fuel subsidy removal MR PRESIDENT, get your priorities right,Why would investors come to a country with no security,no steady electricity,kidnapping as the most lucrative business in the country,jobless Graduates,NYSC Corpers and graduates becoming kidnappers. The majority of Nigerians are HUNGRY,JOBLESS and all HE can talk about is FUEL SUBSIDY REMOVAL?? Wouldnt the crime rate increase? Wouldnt bombing increase? Wouldnt transportation cost increase? Wouldnt price of food increase? How are we going to survive Mr President? We NEED a president,we NEED  a ruler not a Dummy that would tell us comfortably that bombing IS a burden we would have to live with,tell us how you want to tackle them,Show us actions you are taking,someone should be blamed  for the death of over 40 Nigerians and that person is you Mr President...YOU HAVE FAILED US THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA...SHAME ON YOU...YES YOU MR PRESIDENT HIDE YOUR FACE IN SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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T.Notes said...

I'm of the lot who had always said this man was a little too unintelligent to lead the country! Talk about the daftest statement to make in the light of such tragedy! What an idiot!(forgive the spanish).