Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Years ago when I was in primary school,during the end of year party celebrations,my Primary school would tell its pupils that Father Christmas would come visiting.Yes!!! we called Santa Claus Father Christmas,do not judge me!!! *rolls eyes* Well basically, the students had to inform their parents and money had to exchange hands if the kids wanted to see Father Christmas and get to sit on his laps and get gifts.Thinking about it now,I wonder what the fuss was always about in getting the gifts,they were cheap and silly,Pencil,books,football,plastic cup,plastic plates and anything cheap you can think of.Trust all them Ajebota (spoilt rich kids) in the G.R.A branch of my primary school,all of them got to see Father Christmas except three kids.My siblings and I.Yes you guessed right!!! My Mother NEVER paid,NEVER EVER.She never felt it was necessary,telling us how she would instead of paying money to the school buy us Christmas clothes and toys which wasn't so bad but I wanted to sit on Father Christmas laps so bad!!! Why did I have to be the only one in my class that never got to see Father Christmas? 

I got to listen to my friends talk about how they were going to see Father Christmas,I watched all my friends pay my class teacher so they could sit on Father Christmas lap,I got to escort my friends to Father Christmas room, I ALWAYS had to wait for them outside the room and ALWAYS had the door shut in my face but NOT before I got to see the room filled with all the wrapped gifts and a FAT man sitting on a chair.

Father Christmas saw me every year (he can't deny that) He saw my big eyes always trying to catch a glimpse of his bulky frame and he ALWAYS waved, but why was he that wicked that he never invited me into that room nor give me a gift,not once.It wasn't fair!! I hated Father Christmas so much and I always prayed that a FAT KID would break his legs upon sitting on them.The stingy callous Fat

My last year in Primary school, I FINALLY got to see the stingy Father Christmas.I came face to face with him,I saw him without his beards, he was eating!!! Oh the shock.I was horrified so he wasn't immortal like I had imagined,he didn't have reindeers plus he was a thief, he deceived the whole school and stole money,He was a fraudster.I recognised Father Christmas,it was Mr Belema!!! my Primary 3 school teacher.The lying thief!!!!!!!! Yes, I saw him and he even looked at me smiling saying some words my brain refused to comprehend.He was eating Jollof Rice with grains falling off his mouth in different directions,no wonder he was so FAT!!!!!! as I walked away to share the good news to my friends,I prayed he choked on his meal.So after all these years,he couldn't even give me a Pencil and he knew exactly who I was. 

I finally found out the truth,my fat teacher Mr Belema with Pot belly and huge butt had been pretending to be Father Christmas,and for the first time I was glad my mom never paid...


Anonymous said...

Lwkmd..ds is really funny..poor mr belema..

T.Notes said...

Ooooh Gosh!!!!!Your posts are totally cracking me up on a saturday morning!!!!

'...I always prayed that a FAT KID would break his legs upon sitting on them.The stingy callous Fat Man...'

p.s: your response on mine was right on point. You're funny and smart too!!!I'm loving you more!!!

Happy new year.

crazylifemeetsdee said...

@ T.Notes thank you thank you.I really did pray for that to happen.I was a hurt little girl you can not blame me...

P.S I am still in 2011 na,allow my 2011 go in peace.please don't murder 2011

Daughter of Her King said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOOOOOool.... u are soo cool and ur sense of humour is off the hook.. I like how u put things together its so imaginative and funny...

U must have had an incredible childhood.. lol..

Fat kid breaking his leg lool...

I was not into Father Christmas even as a child would cry and run. I remember one time when we went to the children Christmas ball at my dad work place and it was a Caucasian dressed as Santa Clause.. Mehn that day I cried and ran out of the room, I just freaked out and found him scary.. I embarrassed everyone that day ohh..

But i still had my sweets and trebbo at the end of the

crazylifemeetsdee said...

@ Dauughter of Her King,trust me my childhood was not that incredible o!!! btw about your Santa experience,na Ajekpako they over worry you,we