Saturday, 3 December 2011


Most of my wonderful memories are centered around this 1 small school called BFSS. It obviously was not the most adventurous school in my time but it was perfect for the weird kid that i was back then. Let me paint a picture of the kind of child I was. I was the definition of the alphabet ''i'', I had no curves whatsoever especially when u saw my closest friend Aneto, she was such a hottie with the whole package, I always wondered how a child could look so ''everythinglicious'' it just wasnt right. Well,my bony structure was not the worst part, I never got any uniform to fit my pencil-like structure,it was always too oversized,well if I think about it,why would it fit. There was nothing to create a bump, neither at the front nor at the back, there was no difference between the wall of my chest and the flatness at my back.

THE UNIFORM: I always thought the proprietress of my high school wanted something cute for a doll but since she was too advanced in age, she decided to play out her fantasy through her students. Why else would we wear in a mixed school; pink shirt, blue bow tie, blue skirt with pink and white stripes for the senior high and pinafore for the junior high with our black shoes. I always hated the pinafore, the small pimple I had as b**bs on my chest could not be noticed arrrrrrrrgh d agony!!!

THE WALK: before i describe my walk, I have to talk about the pair of socks I loved and rocked ever so proudly from junior high to 1st year senior high, the legendary COMPUTER SOCKS. Please tell me you know it, the long ones with plenty holes in them and they were WHITE. I never rolled them down, I rocked it knee high like that and I loved it!!!!! I refused every attempt to prevent me from rocking them that high even my younger sister rolled hers down, but not me, NEVERRRRRRRR...ahhhhh d joy...D only word I can use 2 describe my walk is ROBOTIC, I was so stiff in walking, I walked so straight that my brother's friend coined a name 4 my walk: POSTURE DEFENCE!!!!!!!!!! and YES i defended that name with every stiff step I could take.My head ever so straight,my upper limbs hardly ever swaying, my waist never twisting. I dont know if I was scared my butt, oops I didnt have any, I mean my bones would crack because of too much friction occuring in the hard pelvic girdle. I thank God for aneto, cos I probably would still have been that way defending my posture, she taught me how to cat walk and boy did I learn, but that girl had always been lady-like if I think about it....

SS2 the eye opening:
so after being a good girl 4 a while, SS2 I decided to tear eye....TO BE CONTINUED


Tpy said...

nice story but sucky high school i must say..wait till u read my memoirs from the great FGC Warri, d skool of d good, the bad and d ugly

Toinlicious said...

rotflmao! Dee has killed me.
The way u describe girl, epic! That ur princi no try o. See serious colour blocking. Bet you r all filled out now #wink. I also had to wear pinafore#feggothingz
still lmao@defence posture.

crazylifemeetsdee said...

@toin lol @ all filled out.i wish...ya i was posture defence chaii my life...