Monday, 12 December 2011


I just saw a story on vanguard of how a 25 year old pregnant woman went to her husband's house by 5:30am to demand for baby shopping money from her 40year old husband,only to be given 3000naira,seeing this amount,she was not pleased and started arguing with her husband,then decided the argument was not enough,she needed more action.with hormone confusion going on inside her,she decided it was best to hold his shirt,so she held his shirt at the neck and the 40year old man fell down and died!!!!!!!!

 Lesson learnt: do not marry a 40 year old man when you are 25
                       when you are pregnant,do not hold your husband's shirt
                        be content with 3000 naira from your 40 year old husband if you decide to marry one

So what are your differentials for the cause of death btw no autopsy report because he was buried the same day...

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Anonymous said...

poor man probably had some major atherosclerotic plaques in his carotid artery this caused the arteries to be narrowed. grabbing the man by the neck only narrowed the artery further thus cutting off blood supply to his brain. the result of this is usually a transient ischemic attack or a stroke. in this case outright death occured, though very very rare it isnt impossible.. very very unlucky fellow i reckon