Sunday, 11 December 2011


During the long holiday that I was to transit from SS1 into SS2, I decided enough of long skirts that passed my knees and it was time 4 me to graduate into a big girl...{gbogbo bigz galz} so right before the academic session was to start, I went to the tailor with one of my freshly purchased long school skirts, I told my mom that it was too big and I wanted it to fit my frame,its not like I was even b**tylicious, but I wanted it 2 wrap around my bony frame,she gave me d go ahead trusting I was still the good child she had raised,happily I went off to the tailor and  told him to cut it short, above my knees, I was overly excited,FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I was going to rock a short skirt,I kept rehearsing walking styles,cos I wanted to come out with a BIG BANG.

When school session started,I was in the SS2 class that was in the middle,it was flanked on both ends by d other two SS2 classes, I had friends in the other classes,mostly boys,I wonder why I did not have much female friends,I always felt they were too much work,it was easier dealing with d males,plus they were more fun.In SS2 I had just 3 female friends: Ihuoma d beautiful singer,Ijay d tiny one like me,she was funnnnnnnn and ofcourse Nabanita my Indian friend {I MISS EM LIKE CRAZY} the rest were guys {I would type a story about my weird friends sometime soon}

The day I decided to rock the only skirt that was short, was a Tuesday,everything looked good,I woke up feeling good,I checked myself out and I saw myself looking good,My hair was well braided,I applied lip balm to my lips because we were not allowed to use lip gloss in my school,I sprayed perfume on my shirt and skirt and behind my ears, just incase I looked so good and a guy wanted 2 kiss my neck just like in d movies...(wink)..,assessed my shape in front of d mirror and everything looked good.I was ready to come out,when my mom saw me she was shocked  but I did not care,nothing could put me down as I stepped outta the house and not until I was about to enter the car to go to school did  I start feeling awkward either because of the cool breeze that caressed my tiny legs or the sight of my tiny legs underneath the piercing bright rays of d sun for the first time,I guess I would never know which one, but I shrugged the feeling off and we headed to school.when I got to school, as I stepped outta d car, I suddenly felt the cold coat of shame wrap around me and I realized how stupid I was, fortunately for me, we always went very early to school this helped because I went straight to my class and sat on my usual spot at the front right in front of d black board and I glued my flat ass to that seat,I literally became one with that spot,unfortunately for me,one of my male friends saw me as I tried to hide, doing my James Bond moves to my class and when the rest arrived in school, I was visited by a bunch of fun seeking boys surrounding me, laughing at me, wanting to know what had happened to me.I sat there feeling really stupid and trying to act like I didnt care, but I so did!!!!! When lunch time came at 2.30pm I didnt get up, I sat there alone, besides the meal was beans and I do not eat beans. I sat there till 5pm, the close of school and even then, some of my male friends did not leave,they wanted to see me take the walk of shame,and oh yes I DID, almost running, even the cardigan I tied around my tiny waist did not help the situation as I did the half walk/half run I heard them laughing especially Christopher and Chidiebere oh yes Chidiebere!!!!!!! that day I realized maybe,just maybe I wasnt really ready to tear eye...XOXO

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fynegurl said...

ha! ha!haaaaa!shit happens, buh Dee y r u taking ur high school foolishness on dis blog naaaaaa!i know u r relieved now that Chidiebere has gotten the mssg. lol.