Tuesday, 24 January 2012


What do you do in there when you go to do the nasty,number 2,defecate,private business,pass the brown gold,what ever name you decide to call it.Seriously,what goes on in there? When I go,yes I do go *serious face* I spend as little time in there as possible.I just want it to be over as quickly as possible.It definitely is not the prettiest sight and contrary to what young boys think,pretty girls do go too,yes Aneto goes twice a day.*rolling my big eyes*

 I have friends that spend forever in there,I always wonder what they do in there.I tend to ask myself questions like: is the brown gold that much? are they giving birth to a baby? are they going through the process of labor and child birth? am I abnormal? or are they that constipated? then they should quit eating too much bread and drink lots of fluid,eat fruits and veggies,develop a healthy life style besides fibre helps prevent colon cancer and diverticulosis.Basically,stop wasting time in the white castle.

Next question: why do girls have so much magazines in there? do we always have to make things look pretty?My friend, Fali, has a mansion of fancy magazines in there ,both current and old.Like seriously,*confused face* don't you just want to get done and leave the white castle.Why would you want to sit on that spot with the mixture of smell from whatever type of diet you indulge and I do not mean pleasant food aroma,I mean the type of smell you mask with febreze odor block.Yet you sit down there with time passing by rapidly and you flipping through the pages like you are on vacation don't you even feel guilty looking at pretty models in that vulnerable state?.Why cant you flip through the magazine in a wonderful comfortable position devoid of any form of strain or things trying to come out from inside you!!!

And for those of you out there like me,who gets the deed done on time.We are heroes.we are special,we would conquer the where is this headed??

btw happy post Occupy Nigeria (just wanted to chip that in,been long I said or typed that)...

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