Friday, 27 January 2012


Fellow Nigerians, Isn't it funny that after our all knowing Mr president allocated about a fourth of our 2012 national budget to security, things have actually gone from frying pan to fire in the country security wise?
We can't help but ask ourselves then, what is happening to the 921 billion naira (5.756 billion dollars) set aside for security since there isn't any significant improvement? Since last week up to today, the residents of the ancient city of Kano have been living in fear, not knowing when another round of violence would erupt.

Since 2009, when the whole BH (boko haram) thing started till date, over 1000 innocent people have been killed with over 300 of them killed this year alone (the year is just 27 days old by the way). With the manner in which the attackers overrun and overwhelmed the Nigerian police in last week's attacks in Kano city I can honestly say, I am scared to look into the future. This sort of attack in my opinion will occur again and the sad part is, there is nothing the security agencies can do about it, partly because they are grossly understaffed and very very poorly paid (I mean lets be honest why would I risk my life if I were paid only $300 a month), and above all because they are highly incompetent.

Recently,the Emir of Kano, pleaded with the president to deploy more policemen to Kano city saying that the city has only 8,000 policemen serving over 9 million residents. I think the Emir forgot something, Nigeria has only 300,000 policemen  nationwide, which is a shame because with the inception of BH crisis in 2009 and a host of other security challenges arising or escalating around the same time viz militancy, armed robbery and kidnappings etc, I would have expected that measures should have been put in place over the past two years to gradually double at least the number of police officers in the country and offer more incentives to them so as to attract people to the job. There is no reason why the least ranked police officer can't earn 100k Naira per month. it's the least they deserve for putting their lives on the line for their country.

At least, let us be glad that the long overdue resignation of the Inspector General of Police has finally occurred (for all I care he should have resigned after the bombings at police force headquarters, Abuja). This is definitely a step in the right direction. He should also definitely be interrogated about the escape of the alleged mastermind of the Madalla blasts.

I would conclude my article with a passionate plea to Mr president, Actions speak louder than words. We are tired of hearing you say you will bring the terrorists to book, we want to start seeing them brought to book. Its not by allocating a fourth of the budget to security, that isn't going to scare determined terrorists, we need to start seeing these billions upon billions being put to good use and saving innocent Nigerian lives.
God bless us all.

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Chief Political Analyst, (lwkmd)
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