Thursday, 12 January 2012


Nigerians like to take advantage of situations to cheat innocent people.There would not be a change in the economy unless we start loving ourselves unconditionally.Just because the  President decided to remove fuel subsidy, does this mean people should sell fuel at 300 naira a litre.It is very unfair,we are too greedy.In Festac,a 5 litre keg sold between 1200 and 1500.A filling station sold at 200naira per litre. Some of the filling stations around Kosofe,  Somolu, Surulere, Alimosho and Apapa Local Government Areas, were seen only dispensing fuel at odd hours of the day– in drums– to middlemen and we all know what that means,sell it to hawkers who would sell it to people for expensive prices.Its this how we expect change in Nigeria? we say our politicians are mean and greedy and call them thieves but have we looked at our selves,wouldn't we act the same way if we fill their shoes? If we can take advantage of the situation in other to cheat the masses,then we are no different from the politicians.

The Office of the National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Prof. Rufai Alkali, made an appeal to Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress to call off the ongoing national strike in the interest of the country. in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday.The party assured Nigerians that their welfare and well-being was paramount in the transformation agenda of the Federal Government.Isn't that laughable? when Jonathan was supposed to organize meetings to explain to the market women selling pepper,to the agberoz on the street,to the students,to the civil servants who haven't even received their 18000 naira minimum wage,to the barbers and hair dressers, he was busy explaining to you big PDP shots who constantly rape our economy,who wouldn't feel the pain the majority of the poor would feel due to the increase in fuel price.

Mr Peter Job Peters, National Secretary of Friends of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, a political pressure group, has called on NLC and TUC to call off its nationwide strike and enter into dialogue with the Federal Government.*my eye balls about to fall out* Like seriously what kind of movement is this,Nigerians we are too funny,they just want money,contracts and political appointments,the hungry lot.All I want to say to this old papa is,''shut your stinky mouth Idiot!!!'' *I pause here to do my wooooooosah*

Governor Sullivan Chime ordered the setting up of a special court for trial of any worker and members of  organised labour found to have violated his order banning public assemblies, meetings and procession in the state, consequently,a labour leader in Enugu State, Comrade Festus Ozoeze, has been arrested by the police, tried by a mobile court and remanded at Enugu prisons. What is wrong with this governor,what does he stand to gain.Its his second term so he can act like a big idiot,he has stolen enough money to satisfy all his generations.

In Abeokuta,protesters have been stopping cars and demanding for money,if we are fighting to end corruption,we shouldn't be corrupt ourselves.We are protesting not just for the fuel subsidy removal alone,we protest to end corruption,we protest for better living,we protest for the good of our children yet unborn.OCCUPY NIGERIA...

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God bless nigeria our fatherland