Sunday, 8 January 2012


Apparently there is going to be a nation wide strike in Nigeria starting tomorrow.I was talking to my Mom and she was like ''we are suffering o!! Nigeria is too hard'' then I asked her if she was going to stand on the road with other people to protest the subsidy removal and she was like,''of course now.I would be there as far as I won't be the only one shouting like a fool in front of government house''For my mom to consider this,then her butt cheeks must be on what if they have to run away from olokpa (police).I seriously doubt she knows how to run after all the eba she swallows with no form of exercise,it wouldn't be a good sight...
Then she went on to tell me that people had been sending her text messages asking if she knows the Indian woman that killed Gen Sani Abacha that the country needs her again and I started laughing because this woman should be all wrinkled by now,probably with LARGE PURPLE OR RED stretch marks,adipose tissue deposition in her lower abdomen,cellulite on her butt,grey hair,probably also bald with sagging breasts that could be used to wrap shoulders to keep her warm and if our president would want this type of woman I imagined, to have one night of fun with,then he should be considered a big pervert...eeeeeeeeew!!!

Seriously this Boko haram activities in Nigeria is not funny.Now, the Aboki men are running away from the South east after the Ogbunigwe Ndigbo group gave them 2weeks ultimatum to leave the south east because their safety would not be guaranteed after this period.What is Nigeria turning into? and to think the group name, Ogbunigwe Ndigbo was the name used for the Biafran made mass bomb used during the civil war in Nigeria.9ja please no civil war wanted,we can not handle it.

When I asked my Mom about suya, she was like its only President Goodluck and his family that can afford suya now,that people are suffering and no one is thinking of suya.With no aboki man to make suya,what would I do? imagine no suya when I go to 9ja? that is worse than ripping out my heart and giving it to me to eat while my brain is being pecked at by a vulture.

In summary, please Igbos in the North leave the North,I know its difficult to re establish your business but when there is life,there is hope.Our president is too weak to protect you,now the NDNL(niger delta nations leader) group is claiming there is an on going plot to kill our President.Although I think its a cheap publicity stunt.So with fingers crossed I am waiting patiently to see pictures of my mother protesting the fuel subsidy

Watch the video of Nigeria's finance minister on Al Jazeera,she sounds really silly how would the diesel run buses affect price of garri? why didn't you initiate plans to minimize the effect of the subsidy removal before abruptly withdrawing it and Jonathan you can not deceive us with 25% cut in salaries of government workers,that is total bull s**t cut the benefits/allowance then we would know you are ready to negotiate.Nigerian youths are protesting not only because of the fuel subsidy removal,we are protesting because we are frustrated,its all bottled up frustration,thank you NLC (Nigeria Labour Congress)and TUC(Transport Union Congress) for giving us a legal way to vent our anger.OCCUPY NIGERIA say NO to suffering and smiling...


Mena UkodoisReady said...

Lovely blog, humor mixed with seriousness. Dont worry cassava bread will replace suya.

Oh you Forgot to thank the airport workers for grounding activities at all airports so airlines cant come in or go out so if any cabal intend to take their loot and run till things cool down, they better own a private jet or else go by sea!

Enough truly is enough.Your mum is funny but is right enough is enough. Funny enough its a privelege to even blog/bb/twitter etc the real masses are in a big fix and starving to death.


crazylifemeetsdee said...

@ Mena please i dont want the useless cassava bread i would rather abduct one aboki so he would be roasting suya for me(mallams please i am joking o)