Monday, 24 March 2014


Love saw, love heard but love couldn't be fooled

Love cried, love smiled and love understood

Family, friends, church and logic said NO

Love craved, desired and longed for it to be

Yet, the question remains, "how can it be?"

Time spent in denial too slow

Until love was confirmed as true and did flow

Passion filled fights, trivial and silly

So love could flow, without the mystery

Shouldn't love stand and face the hurricane

Whilst staying strong and true even with pain

Love shouldn't be, logic and tongues say

Who can understand love save love by itself

Love got tested, did Love fail?

Is this failure or mask that protects the frail?

Love should forever be, with or without

Decision is made and it chose without

Which bringeth forth joy welcomed by most

But, love doth suffer, all by itself

With mask of content, that shatter it hideth

Love acted, forgeting caution

And watched as love belonged to option

Love wasn't gone, for as love remained true

Love would never always, be forever blue

Love accepted that it wouldn't

Not because it couldn't

But, the knowledge that without

Would leave love stronger than with

Love chose to make the ultimate sacrifice

For love isn't always about bliss

It is also without, that bringeth bliss

Love finally understood, that love

Isn't love, so love could always be with love

But, that it standeth firm

When far away it findeth love

Dee would always love you...

Dee would always love you...

Dee would always love you forever...

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