Monday, 22 October 2012


Do you have one day in a year that you know for a fact would just be the most depressing day ever? Well, mine is OCTOBER 9TH of every year. My birthday is October 8th, and I always get transformed into this over excited baby on that day, always trying to feel overly special. I go all out with birthday dress, birthday hair, birthday food, birthday phone calls and it is the one day you can be sure to find me available on skype and yahoo messenger...Oh yes!!! I do loooooooooooooooove the attention.*rolls big eye balls* Let's start from October 8th 2012...

This year, I did not make any arrangements for my birthday, My mom was sick and I would have felt stupid enjoying myself with my mom in the hospital.Then I thought I was going to have a nice dinner with Mama Gee, oh well, trust her to disappoint, she came back at freaking 11pm!!! left me home ALONE!!!, who does that?? I was almost singing, ''all by myself, don't want to be all by myself anymore''. Thank God for phone calls, I did not die from major depressive disorder. I also thought I was going to get sick on my birthday because when I was younger, I always fell sick the morning of my birthday until I saw fowl that wouuld be killed, birthday cake, crates of soda, you know, the whole package. Maybe it is psychological but you never know.Truth be told, I did feel kinda sick October 8th this year, I woke up sick but I did not care, I still wanted to feel like a princess, I got a lot of calls from people I did not expect to call, this made me really happy, Mfon, Rick, Ihuoma Nweje, Ijay baby etc. I did feel special and probably that is why I did not have any major depressive episode.

Ooooooooh I almost forgot, Mama Gee and Chris, her room mate came to sing happy birthday song to me by a minute past 12 midnight, was really cute, their croaking voices trying to be Mariah carey and Richard marx.I asked what they were doing and was told they were watching movies on netflix, decided to join them, I should not have. We went to his room, lights switched off, this guy kept refilling the wine glass with wine for me. I kept thinking, ''is he trying to get me drunk?'' he later joined us on the bed and positioned himself in the middle. Mama Gee, the lazy cow, always putting me in trouble fell asleep, so was just me and ''Nna bros'' watching the movie. He then sets the laptop to face just the two of us, next thing I know, he puts his large head on my pillow, I adjust so his gigantic head can rest well, next move from this dude is to take my left upper limb and put it round his over muscular Igbo neck, at this point, I am about to throw up, I snatch my limb back, but this guy snatches it right back, what is going on here? I allow him to have his way, ''common, it's Chris, no harm intended''. Next thing I know he starts playing with my hand, my hand!!! this idiot, this ewu Gambia has liver, I was first in a state of shock, I started throwing mental insults at the cow Mama Gee, maybe she heard, because like 3 secs later, she moves her large frame and this dude freezes on the hand movement, I was like, ''say what!!! so this move was intentional'' I just sharply took my phone and told him I needed to make some calls.That was the last he saw of me. Like seriously, did he think I was drunk, babe like me get down with him, what is this world turning in to *puts hand on head*.

Fast forward to the next day, October 9th, reasons for hating it: nobody called me birthday girl no more, no phone calls early hours of the morning with someone trying to out do the other unknown person to be the first caller. No one trying to make me feel special, no happy birthday text messages. I do not mean to sound like a baby but, how can u be treated so special one day and the next day you are a regular citizen, no longer a princess. Really? it is not fair. How do you get your mood from being that elevated almost manic to a depressed state, you have to be Bipolar. I do not think its right to just abandon some one after their birthday passes. Its not fair *sad face*. Why can't people call and wish you a post happy birhday? That's all I ask, is that too much? Just one more day to be a princess in a whole year!!!


Toinlicious said...

I wonder why i still don't get your updates. I was just coming to smoke you out and i saw that you had updated.

Happy belated birthday! Now, i totally feel you on the-day-after thing. It is so unfair :( Sometimes i wish my birthday could go on and on and on

Toinlicious said...
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