Saturday, 21 July 2012


I do apologise for my loooooooooooooooooong absence.I thank all those who have tried to reach me in one way or another, wanting to know what went wrong with my blogging life.I have been on a top secret mission.Matter of national security, I decided to quit the mission, I was begged to stay, bribed, almost assassinated but I refused, I know how much you guys missed me and I am back...*smile*
  So lets play catch up,my life recently...
Princess told me that I should forget the Catholic church mass I go for,that if I should enter her church, Christ embassy,my hair(which is natural and afro kinky) would Can u imagine natural hair fried? what will my natural hair movement sisters say? *My natural hair movement is a story for another day*

As my birthday approaches, I have started feeling older and the worst part is I think I am trapped in the wrong body. I always thought I would be less playful at this age. I have not changed in terms of size, actions nor thoughts.I should be in a teenager's body,this 20's is not working for me no more.Am I the only person who feels this way?

I gained 8 pounds...yay!!! .Okay people do not get excited yet...I lost 5 pounds after the gain,and to think I worked so hard to gain and preserve those precious pounds,I really did *sad face*. My 3 months hard work gone, just like that, in a week!! My enemies are at work!! They were sent from the village!! My 3 months of not eating healthy,popping pills,sleeping all the time,no form of exercise.Can you imagine how betrayed I feel,my metabolism has betrayed me.Memories of climbing the scale every morning with excitement clinging like leech on my face, the sampling of my extra goodies, inspection of my extra ''ikebe'' that managed to poke its sexy self out *singing ikebe na money money*, me shaking my milkshake in front of the mirror while pouting and feeling sexy, then saying to myself , ''I AM SEXY AND I KNOW IT'' Now,I just jump into the shower, wrap my non fat self in towel and manage to get dressed.I have decided not to give up on my dream to look like Iya basira, so my fattening room therapy starts again: I am going to chew the Combatrin sent by my mum,just in case I have unwanted elements enjoying the dividends of my hard work, Supradyn from my mom,something she sent like 2 yrs ago *mental note to check expiry date*,bucket of ice cream, bars of chocolate, fight with all my FFO(FOR FOOD ONLY) friends.This is OPERATION 10 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS *MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SOUND TRACK*

I have finally accepted the fact that God would NEVER carry me anywhere just to abandon me.I CANNOT over emphasize this enough. I currently have a huge miracle in my life and the most amazing thing is ''I DO NOT DESERVE IT'' Look at all the church goers, the prayer warriors( my longest prayer is when I pray to eat), the evangelists and then compare my actions with theirs, I should be at the bottom of the pyramid. Yet, I have been blessed beyond measure. I would like to give a shout out to some people who knew about my depressed phase and helped me through it before my miracle came through : Tee, my mom(who has no idea what a blog is), Eljay, Francis (all the prayer and fasting schedule he put me on, which I never agreed to) Nat, Princess, Diva and definitely not Mama Gee the most self centered person I have ever met.

Pumping and I are talking again.Is change definitely not the only constant in life? It was my miracle day, I could not help but accept the apology.If God has blessed me,who am I not to forgive? I AM NOT LUCKY,I AM BLESSED!!!


Toinlicious said...

Lol@ You're sexy & u know it. You're sexy jere, extra 10 pounds or not. Rock that awesome-ness

Enjoy the blessed feeling dear. God is all kinds of amazing like that.

crazylifemeetsdee said...

@ Toinlicious those extra pounds made me sexier jare.I want them back by fire by force...