Friday, 8 June 2012


I am at the Cashier's desk waiting in line to pay for my grocery, praying all I have greedily put into the shopping cart would not be too much for my broke ass. lol. In front of me, is a rasta man, his locks covered by a ''was-white'' rag/cloth whatever he felt it was.The strands of hair he called beard, lazily entangled like lovers after ecstasy. He turned back to look at me, as if he had felt my eyes burning every inch of  garment he had on.Then after assessing my goodies *yes!!! my goodies*, he smiled, arrrrrrrgh he should not have. The brown dentition with spaces all over.
I wondered if large pieces of meat ever got stuck there and probably decayed there, did he also have maggots in there?. I also wondered if his mom had abused tetracycline when he was still swimming in his amniotic fluid. He keeps looking at me and smiling,I give him my sweetest smile,eyes locked in a sweet gaze and I say, ''hi''. I could not help it, after all I am Nigerian, we have culture, we are suppose to be polite.He smiled and said, ''Are you from here?'' and I reply ''No''. He pays and leaves.

I watch as the asian guy scans the items I had collected, while almost crying as the amount climbs.I also do a mental calculation of the remaining items and almost slap myself as to why I picked so much potato and onion and then I ask myself, ''Dee what are you doing with this bag of apple,must you have apple?, don't you realize times are hard''. I hear the beep of the last item and the amount he calls is payable,I give myself a pat on the back, thanking God for saving me from embarrassment, promising never to get too greedy again
I walk out, strolling lazily, happy I did not have to return some of the items.

Then I hear,''excuse me miss''.I turn around and its Mr Rasta. I smile and say hi.The following conversation ensues:
Rasta: Do you live around here
Me: No
Rasta: I would like to see you again
Me: I am sorry, that would not be possible.I am a very busy person
Rasta: Then can I have your phone number
Me: There is no need, cos I would not see you
Rasta: Then take my number 6.......
Me : Don't bother, I would not call you.Just have faith,we might get to see again
Rasta: Ok.I really hope so,cos as me see you,you touch me heart in a special way and me wanna get to know just affect me.
Me: ok, just have faith.take care then,bye

Dee's mind: oh please!!! I affect you indeed.Why dint you pay for my grocery,then I would realise how much I scatter your dada like duncan mighty.Nonsense!!! waste of time. hiss...

Why would you want to know me with that your dirty, smelly, lice infested hair wrap.Get thee behind    xoxo


Daughter of Her King said...

Hey hun... been looking for u ohh.. hope u are well.. xxx God bless.

Daughter of Her King said...

awwwww... am glad i finally found ur blog..

Poor raster....abi he wan fine babe.

funny things its appearing on my blog that last time u updated was six months ago.. GOOGLE needs spanking..

off to read the posts I missed.

crazylifemeetsdee said...

@ daughter of her king: yels o,serious spanking. I am glad you also found my blog...*smile*

Toinlicious said...

*raising eyebrow at all the mushy I-been-looking-for-you & I'm-glad-you found me convo* :D

Lol@scatter your dad.
Dee, you should have given Rastaman a chance na. It might be true love o. You never know *runs away*

crazylifemeetsdee said...

@ toinlicious NO it cannot be true love oooo, they do not eat meat.NO meat, no